Music for Liminal Times

by Vivi-Mari Carpelan

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"Music for Liminal Times" is a set of audio works at the intersection of music and sound art that explores liminal space. To exist in a liminal space is to be in physical and/or psychological transit while moving from one state of being to another - it’s the transformative and archetypal "threshold" of extraordinary times and experiences mostly marked by chaos and ambiguity. These are journeys within the greatest journey of all. Themes that I have explored within this framework include love as a peak experience, meditation as an inner journey, the desperation that drive us to seek transitory fame, war as a state of mind, the creative process, and the ultimate transition, i.e. the process of dying. Through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction of music, sounds and historical documents found in the public domain, I have set out to evoke the essence of these journeys. This project brings out the tensions between dichotomies, not least the opposition between the individual and the collective consciousness, and past and present. An awareness of the external expressions of the past and one's inner workings in the present are necessary for the evolution of an improved future. Please read more on my artist's website, where you can also listen to an audio commentary by the artist.


released June 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Vivi-Mari Carpelan Wales, UK

A visual artist who has plumbed the emotional depths of expressive sound. At the intersection of music and sound art, the process of re-imagining classical music is that of the deconstruction and reconstruction of recordings of the public domain, with the addition of other found sounds. Originally from Finland, now resident in Mid-Wales, UK. ... more

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